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Carburetor gasket set - Solex 32 PIBT or PICBT - Dauphine Gordini / Florida
Reference : 2813
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Carburetor gasket kit - Solex 28 IDT
Reference : 2810
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Straight petrol chute Ø 50mm
Reference : 2808
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Additive replaces lead - 250ml
Reference : C004
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Using the measuring cap, introduce the desired dose according to the quantity of gasoline held. To be readjusted at each refueling.
Additive to prevent valve wear.
250ml bottle = 250 liters of gasoline
Fuel stabilizer additive - 250ml
Reference : C011
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Ideal protection against corrosion, deposits and fuel aging during storage or wintering of your car.
250ml bottle = for 50 liters of fuel
Carburetor cleaner - 300ml
Reference : C003
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Eliminates deposits in carburettors, valves and spark plugs.
300ml bottle = 70 liters of fuel
Black sealant cartridge with dispenser
Reference : C014
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