Divers 4 CV

Our miscellaneous parts for 4 CV

Kit of x5 side strips (Exterior) in polished aluminum with fixing clips (x24pcs) - 4CV (All models)
Reference : 1958
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The kit consists of:
x2 Front door strips
x2 Rear door strips
x1 Front hood strip (Grand Luxury and Sport versions only)
Super Concentrated Screen Wash - 250ml
Reference : C001
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Using the measuring cap, all you have to do is mix the concentrated windshield washer fluid directly with water.
250ml bottle = 25 liters of windshield washer fluid
Chrome wiper arm
Reference : 4955
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Fixing by drum on the axles
Rust converter (1litre)
Reference : C029
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- Transforms rust into a stable, black layer
- Indispensable for inaccessible corners of the bodywork
- Apply pure and with a brush on all rusty surfaces
Resin, varnish or paint stripper - 750ml
Reference : C049
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Product for stripping most varnishes and paints such as polyurethane, epoxy, glycero, cellulose, etc.