Ignition & electricity Alpine A310/6

Our ignition and electrical parts for Alpine A310/6

round terminal capacitor
Reference : 9711
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Simca 1000
Alpine A310/6 / Renault R30 (PRV engine)
Renault R5 Alpine (1223)
Standard "NGK" 12V ignition coil (with bracket)
Reference : 4715
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- Primary winding resistance: 3.1 ohms
- Coil compatible with electronic ignition kits ref 4798 and ref 4799
Spark plug NGK - R5A (1223) / A310.6
Reference : 5723
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Indicator unit 3 lugs in aluminum - 12V
Reference : 4726
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The connection is made as follows: . The 12V power wire (+ battery) on terminal "X" . The wire from the switch to the "L" terminal . The repeater lamp wire on the "P" terminal
Cleaning spray for electrical contact and anti humidity
Reference : C028
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Cleans the contacts and ensures the closing of the electrical contacts.
Protects against humidity.
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