Simca / CG braking

Our brake parts for Simca / CG

Hose clip
Reference : 4415
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Front brake pad set - Ferodo Racing DS2500 (Competition use) - Simca 1000 Rallye / R1
Reference : 9438
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Plate dimensions: width 55.5mm and height 53mm
Brake fluid DOT 4 - 500ml
Reference : C002
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Brake cleaner spray (500ml)
Reference : C069
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Ideal for degreasing all your braking elements or other mechanical parts.
DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid - 1 Liter
Reference : C071
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- Does not absorb moisture, the braking circuits are therefore preserved from rust, which accumulates on the wheel cylinders and destroys the cups after a few brakings when restarting in the spring
- DOT 5 approved (not to be confused with DOT 5.1)
Using advice :
- Before using the coolant, your circuit must be completely purged, rinsed with rubbing alcohol and dried.